• Unlimited users can view your Crystal Reports in any web browser, including Android and iOS mobile devices.


  • Simple, affordable per server licensing.


  • Quick setup makes it possible to start viewing your Crystal Reports in a web browser today.

    ReCrystallize Server can be installed, up and running in matter of minutes with little additional configuration required.  Simply drop your .rpt files into a folder to add your Crystal Reports.


  • The interface for end-users viewing reports is simple and intuitive, with little or no training needed.


  • Includes both explorer style and touch-friendly tree style file and folder navigation.


  • Easily integrates with other applications.

    ​​ReCrystallize Server was built from the group up to allow Crystal Reports to be opened directly from other applications or embedded into other web pages including SharePoint,


  • Works with your existing Crystal Reports files, including most .rpt files created with older versions of Crystal Reports.   In most cases, there is no need to change or update your .rpt files or to buy a newer version of the Crystal Reports designer software.


  • Developed by ReCrystallize Software, providing solutions for Crystal Reports since 1998. 


  • Built on 20 years of experience developing the best-selling ReCrystallize Pro Web Wizard for Crystal Reports.software.

Detailed Features
  • Shows your Crystal Reports in practically any web browser with live, up-to-the-minute data from your database.  If you prefer, show a snapshot of data saved within the .rpt file.

  • Refreshes report data automatically every x minutes for use with public displays such as healthcare patient status, wait times, or order fulfillment.

  • Supports Crystal Reports that connect to multiple databases such as SQL Server and Oracle simultaneously.

  • Shows report data from the database you select, which may be different than the one used to design reports.

    • Reports designed with a development database can be run using a production database instead.

    • Customer reports may use a different database or database login specific to that customer.

  • Prompts users for report parameter values similarly to the Crystal Reports designer.

  • Works with dynamic and cascading parameters configured in Crystal Reports.

  • Accepts parameter values directly from your link, form, or application without prompting the user; parameter values may be optionally encrypted.

  • Allows you to customize options to control the appearance of the report viewer and the options available in the toolbar, including exporting and printing.

  • Allows you to export reports to directly PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, CSV and Text files, bypassing the interactive web viewer.

  • Prints reports from the client web browser or directly to a server-attached printer with no user interaction required.  Can be called directly from a script to print reports automatically.​

  • Emails reports to one or more addresses with no user interaction required.  Can be called directly from a script to email reports automatically.​

  • Optionally controls access to files and folders through standard IIS web authentication and Windows file system permission settings.



  • Windows 2008 Server or later recommended for production use.
    Windows 7 or later Professional or Enterprise Editions with the IIS web server feature are supported for limited use and testing.

  • 4 GB RAM minimum recommended.


  • 1 GB free disk space.


  • 2 or more processor cores recommended.


  • ODBC connections and/or database client software such as Oracle Client used by your Crystal Reports must be configured on the server.