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ReCrystallize Software started in 1998, with one goal:  make it easy and affordable for Crystal Reports users to share reports on the web.  Much about Crystal Reports has changed in 20 years — 4 corporate owners, 10 Crystal Reports versions, and a transition to Microsoft .NET.  We've expanded, too, providing Crystal Reports licensing as an authorized SAP Crystal Solutions reseller and partnering with independent software vendors to offer report scheduling software, report viewer software, and more.  Our original goal and our focus on Crystal Reports have not changed.

ReCrystallize Server is the culmination of our experience, building on our best-selling ReCrystallize Pro software. It is designed to be up and running in a matter of minutes with little or no additional server configuration.  Just run the installer and add your Crystal Reports .rpt files for interactive viewing in any web browser.

Getting started and using ReCrystallize Server interactively is simple, but its capabilities don't end there.  Integration with your applications is also well supported.  Reports can be included directly on SharePoint pages.  You can open a report from your own app using a simple web request; or use a script to print or email a report. 

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